New Horizons

Moments shared with people that are full of new and exiting, moments that are pure awesomeness, moments that are challenging and days that are darker. Finally, together those moments combined are something that can be experienced in no other way than moving abroad. Withdrawing cash for the third time in one day 8am lectures in […]

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In the end

It has now been a couple of weeks since my flight from Munich to Helsinki took off and at that very same moment my third exchange program abroad came to an end. The last weeks were busy as usual and a combination of hardcore studying, partying and sightseeing for the last time. One of the […]

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One of the weirdest things about this semester abroad has been the fact that most of the studying happens during the summer months. Usually the exams are over around “Vappu” or the Finnish Labor Day back home but this time I have had exams from the 10th of July and will be done with them […]

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Mountain Biking

It only takes 2 hours and you’ll be in a scenery that matches the views from The Sound of Music. This time, we weren’t jumping on the “hills” or the meadow next to a mountain since the plan was to go mountain biking. A regional train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen is affordable if you take the Bavaria ticket […]

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After Frühlingsfest I thought there wouldn’t be another festival in Munich that lasts more than 2 weeks and is open every day until late hours before Oktoberfest in the fall. I was wrong. Tollwood, a cultural and more alternative festival lasting for 25 days opened last Wednesday. Some interesting things about this festival: More than […]

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The wall, Eastside gallery, Branderburger Tor, Checkpoint Charlie, Fernsehturm, Holocaust memorial, Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz and 48 hours of other sights and things to do in Berlin. The TUMi trip from Munich to Berlin was full of history and information as well as good talks with new people and great parties in the night of the […]

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Skyline Park

Bavarian fun. We decided to spend a chill day in Skyline park, the closest amusement park to Munich. Here is the trip in a nutshell and some recommendations. The train that takes you to the park stops in the middle of nowhere The entrance is quite affordable On a quiet day like we had you basically […]

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